Home Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis

Home Remedy for Bacterial VaginosisBacterial vaginosis, also known as vaginal bacteriosis, is a condition which is abnormal and is occasioned by a discharge from the vagina. There are normal bacteria in the vaginal area but when there is an overgrowth, an abnormal discharge is released. The discharge is usually accompanied by unpleasant symptoms even though it is not a dangerous infection. When infected with this disease, you can decide to use a home remedy for bacterial vaginosis to cure it. Although they are not a hundred per cent efficient, some people get rid of bacterial vaginosis after using some of these known home remedies.

  • Using yoghurt

Yoghurt is very useful and nourishing to the vagina. It can be used to as a home remedy for bacterial vaginosis in two simple ways. You can either eat a cup or two daily or decide to directly insert it into your vagina. When trying out the latter, it is advisable to use plain yoghurt. The good bacteria in the plain yoghurt will help fight off bad bacteria. Subsequently, the smelly, fishy-like odour will go away.

  • Tea tree oil

Apart from using yoghurt, one can use tea tree oil to fight away the bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis. The idea is to put some drops of the oil into your bath water. The oil can also be rubbed around the vagina for similar results. Tea tree oil is known to have antibacterial effects which are beneficial in getting rid of vaginal bacteria.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used in your bath water. When you prepare your bath water, add a cup or two of the liquid in it. You will be required to soak in it for some time, say twenty minutes. Vinegar helps fight toxins that tend to cause bacterial vaginosis.

  • Vinegar, water and salt solution

Since the odour occasioned by bacterial vaginosis is unpleasant, you might consider masking it so that you are not uncomfortable in public. Using a solution made from clean water, vinegar and salt, you can get rid of the fishy smell as well as cure the infection completely. This might take around three days.

  • Maintaining hygiene

This is definitely the best way to control the occurrence or recurrence of vaginal bacteriosis. One should wear cotton underwear and clothing for perspiration purposes. It is also important to bathe daily and wash the vaginal area with clean water. This will go a long way in ensuring that unwanted discharges from the vagina do not accumulate.

There are other ways on how to cure a vaginal infection like bacterial vaginosis withoutHome Remedy for Yeast Infection necessarily going to a pharmacy for drugs. Another useful home remedy for curbing or curing the infection is by drinking a lot of water. Water is helpful in that it flashes out toxins in the body. Cranberry juice is also beneficial to every woman. Drowning several cups daily will ensure that you do not get such infections due to its acidic nature. These remedies are both cost-effective and very easy to follow.

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